Arcanum- A Dane Maddock Kindle World Adventure

11 Jun

A pyramid rising from the Antarctic ice…
A mysterious talisman with the power to command the elements…
An occult riddle concealing the secret of immortality…

And a diabolical enemy bent on destroying anyone who seeks it

The deadly showdown at the end of the world is just the opening move in Dane Maddock’s war with the shadowy Prometheus group. Joined by archaeologist Jade Ihara, and Nick Kismet—Prometheus’ sworn enemy—Dane and Bones make a perilous descent into the dark world of the arcane.

Who will win the race to possess the ultimate power?

But it exclusively on Kindle US!



One thought on “Arcanum- A Dane Maddock Kindle World Adventure

  1. I just finished this newest story and sliced it !! The characters are so interesting (and funny at times!) and the story captures you at once .I have always loved history and archeology and you combine both in an exciting story -I feel that the adventure will continue in the next book -hope it will be soon.Thank-You so much for a great story.Doris

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