25 May

I’ll be at Balticon over Memorial Day weekend. Here’s my schedule in case you want to stop by:

5:00pm- Swords and Sorcery

9:00am- True Blood vs Sookie Stackhouse (Good thing I’m moderating- I know very little about this topic!)
10:00am- Good and Evil in Genre Literature
11:00am- Self Publishing
12:00pm- Magical Systems in Fantasy Literature

9:00am- The Line Between Horror and Paranormal Fiction
1:00pm- Reading (I’ll be reading from my forthcoming YA book- You Suck)
6:00pm- Hey Buddy, You Are So Dead! (Writing friends into your books.)
7:00pm- Fight and Action Scenes
8:00pm- Main Character or Supporting Cast?

11:00am- Teachers’ Workshop
2:00pm- Gryphonwood Press Presents

3 thoughts on “Balticon!

  1. I just found out after I got home that you were going to be there. Apparently, you know my brother, Bill. I was also at Balticon as a panelists, and apparently we have a number of mutual friends. Maybe next year…

    Doc Coleman

  2. Sorry I missed you. I was keeping an eye out for your name on a badge (or for a better looking version of Bill) but I guess we didn't cross paths. Hope to see you next time.

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