Berserk- A Dane Maddock Adventure

1 Feb

February 9 marks the launch of the Dane Maddock Kindle World! We’re previewing the various books and stories that will be coming out on launch day. Our first preview is Berserk, co-authored with Matthew James. Matthew is best known for his Hank Boyd series, as well as such titles as Dead Moon, Plague, and Evolve.

The tomb of an ancient king is found deep in the forests of Norway. Not only does it contain the great ruler’s remains and a royal wealth, but it also houses a weapon of pure power…and rage. ScanoGen, the callous biotech company, catches wind of its discovery and is intent on claiming its legendary might for themselves.
Dane Maddock and Bones Bonebrake, two retired Navy SEALs turned treasure hunters, are asked to retrieve it before it can be sold off to the highest bidder, or worse, weaponized for war.



Interview with Matthew James, co-author of Berserk

Tell us a bit about Berserk. What was the inspiration?
BERSERK sends Dane and Bones to Norway after an odd message is sent out, picked up by the CIA. They “quietly” hire our heroes to investigate and confirm the location of a newly discovered tomb in the woods outside of a small mountain town. But they aren’t the only ones taking a look…
I’ve always wanted to write about the Norse berserker warriors and found this as the perfect opportunity to do so. It felt like a perfect fit for the series and something I’m extremely proud of.

You have several series of your own, but this is your first time writing in the Maddock universe. Talk about the experience. What did you enjoy? What was different?
Jumping into a series that I’ve never contributed to before was intense. It was REALLY hard to get started. I felt like I was starting from scratch but I wasn’t. I had a whole universe of backstory to use as a set up.
The biggest difference was not having to develop anything on my own (other than the story itself). It was weird at first but once I got the feel for it, it took off and I had a blast.

What do you enjoy about writing in the action-adventure genre?
I grew up a massive Indiana Jones fan and have always found history to be fascinating. I don’t care if it’s fact or myth, if it has something to do with humanity’s past, I’m in. How an event or character has shaped the way we see things or do things is a real treat.

If a Maddock reader hasn’t tried your novels, which one would you suggest they start with and why?
Go with my Hank Boyd Adventure series. It’s full of action and fantastic locations. I pride myself on character interaction and their development and this series is no different. Hank is an everyman archaeologist who gets thrown into a whirlwind adventure in Blood & Sand (Book 1). The chaos continues through the entire series and I’ve loved every minute of it. I plan on releasing Book 5 in the series this fall and will have Book 1 in Hank’s origin series out this April.

Pick up your copy of Berserk February 9!

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