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5 Aug


Dane and Bones Origins #5

Dane and Bones Origins #5

Kent Holloway, author of the Enigma Directive series, the Dark Hollows Mysteries, and more has tagged me for a blog tour. I’m supposed to answer a few questions and pass it along. Ken’t has already answered the same questions, and you can read his answers here.

My Q&A:

1. What am I working on?

Lots! I’ve just completed the last draft of Liberty, the next in the Dane and Bones Origins series, and have sent it off to the editor. I’m currently revising Oracle, the first in the Jade Ihara Adventures series with Sean Ellis. Sean did the heavy lifting on this book and did an amazing job! I’m almost finished with Arena of Souls, the pulp adventure series I’ve been posting on my site. Finally, I’m heavy into the planning for Dane Maddock 7 (title to be announced soon!) A few other things are going on in the background, like occasional work on the next David Debord book and working with Rick Chesler on Electra, the sixth Dane and Bones Origins book.

2. How does my work differ from other books of its genre?

While my books have been called “Clive Cussler Lite” (and I’m humbled by even that comparison) and are similar to books by authors like Jeremy Robinson, the big differences are:

Length- My books tend to be fast-paced and tightly written. My full-length books are usually only 260-280 pages. Also, I supplement my main series books with a lot of novellas and short novels. I believe a story should be as long as it needs to be and I’m not going to fatten up a book just for the sake of adding pages and raising the price.

The “Indiana Jones” Factor- My main series books are mainstream adventure stories, but often have just a touch of speculative fiction like you’d see at the climax of an Indiana Jones movie (Biblical artifacts or alien relics with strange powers.) This is only a small part of any story, but it makes for the kind of story I like to read. If you don’t enjoy that sort of thing, but like adventure/thrillers, the Dane and Bones Origins series has all the thrills with none of the fantasy.

3. Why do I write what I do?

Simply put, I write the kinds of stories I love to read and write about the places I’d like to see, adventures I’d like to have, and mysteries I’d like to solve. I love Indiana Jones, the old Doc Savage books, the Dirk Pitt Adventures, and books by such authors as James Rollins, Jeremy Robinson, Sean Ellis, David Golemon, and many more, and they’ve all influenced me in some way.

4. How does my writing process work?

There are two major components that go into planning a Dane Maddock adventure:

-What ancient mystery do I want my characters to solve or what artifact do I want them to find?

-What places would I like them to visit or explore?

Jade Ihara Book One

Jade Ihara Book One

Once I’ve made my choices, I think about the story. What’s happening in the lives of my characters that might affect the plot? What creepy creatures and other dangers might they encounter? How will they “get there” in the end? What will be the process of discovery? Who will try to stand in their way? When I have a pretty good idea about those things, I plan out the first five chapters and start writing. Periodically I’ll stop, do some more research, and plan a few more chapters, and repeat this process until I have a completed novel. While doing it this way sometimes means I have to go back and make changes, it also allows me to come up with fantastic new ideas that I wouldn’t have come up with had I outlined the entire story from the start. I figure if I can surprise myself, I’ll surprise the readers most of the time.


Now comes the part where I’m supposed to tag other authors and ask them to answer these questions. Unfortunately, I couldn’t think of anyone who hadn’t recently participated in one of these things, so I’ll encourage you to go back and visit Kent’s website, and then check out some fine authors:

A.J. Hartley

Sean Ellis

William Dietrich

J.F. Penn

Warren Fahy

Greig Beck

Steven Savile

Alan Baxter

Okay, the list is getting too long, so I’ll stop there for now, though I’m leaving out many friends and awesome writers. Many thanks to Kent for including me!


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  1. Great to hear you’re so busy! I really enjoyed the information on your writing process. Thank you for taking the time to share information with everyone, especially us – your fans. It’s nice to get a glimpse into the process and thoughts of the author and helps us to appreciate all that you do with your writing. Keep busy!

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