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Dane Maddock Adventures

Action, adventure, mystery and more! Navy SEAL turned treasure hunter Dane Maddock and his partner “Bones” Bonebrake don’t look for trouble, but adventure seems to hide around every corner. A globetrotting action-adventure series in the tradition of Clive Cussler, James Rollins, and the Indiana Jones adventures.

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Book 1: Dourado
What lies beneath the sands of the Holy Land’s most famous city?

Book 2: Cibola

Can Dane and Bones unravel the secret of the Seven Cities of Cibola?

Book 3: Quest

What is the true story behind Percy Fawcett’s final expedition and the Lost City of Z?

Book 4: Icefall

Clues hidden in German cathedrals point the way to the secret of the Magi.

Book 5: Buccaneer

The legendary Oak Island Money Pit hides clues to a treasure and a deeper mystery.

Book 6: Atlantis

What is the true story of Atlantis, and can Dane and Bones stop the Dominion from harnessing its power?