Under his David Debord pseudonym, David is the author of the Absent Gods fantasy series and The Impostor Prince. Set in the world of Gameryah, the Absent Gods is a classic fantasy series in the tradition of Raymond Feist, David Eddings, and Terry Brooks.
 David Debord
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“Invokes the same sense of wonder and joyous fantasy as two of the very best writers I grew up with-David Eddings and Terry Brooks. A world full of magic, sly humor and gripping adventure. This is the stuff fantasy is made of.” Matthew Caine, New York Times and USA Today bestselling author of Ghosts of the Conquered.

“A superb story told believably and unpretentiously by a superb new author.”- Hugo Award winner Ron Miller

“The characters were well-crafted, the pacing excellent… and the story was an enjoyable blend of adventure, intrigue, and humor.” — Fantasy Book Critic

“Debord approaches the classic, questing, epic fantasy novel with a sense of humor and an optimistic voice grounded by realistic characters and intriguing implications about the greater context of the world, which hooked me completely. His presentation of the world initially is fuzzy and nebulous, but as the characters move out of a small village and step into this world’s legends (ala Eddings or Jordan), you’ve found solid footing within his world. The fight scenes are well done with impressive clarity and brevity. The prose is straightforward, but engaging. Though the characters are flawed, your affection grows fast. As book one of “The Absent Gods” series, I thought it provided a great foundation. I’m just happy to have found a new series that’s right out of the gate. Now I have something to look forward to again within fantasy.” E.C. Mock, author of The Children of Man