The World of Gameryah

The Land and Its People
Seven nations comprise the land of Gameryah: Halvala, Riza, Kyrin, Cardith, Diyonus, Galdora, and Lothan. Gameryah lies east of The Claws, a nigh-impenetrable mountain range in which lies the Ice Reaches- the fabled home of Tichris the Ice King.
Halvala is the northernmost country in Gameryah. The average Halvalan is fair-skinned and big-boned with a short temper and a touchy sense of honor. Halvalans set great store by physical strength in men and long-life in women.
Riza is a tiny nation nestled in the northern ranges of The Claws near the western borders of Halvala and Kyrin. Rizans keep msotly to themselves, rarely venturing out of their remote mountain citadels.
Cardith is the oldest nation in Gameryah, and covers the greater portion of its east coast. Its capital is the political hub of Gameryah, and also home to the headquarters of the sai-kurs.
Having lost much of its territory after its defeat in the War of the Seventh Moon, Kyrin is now a land-locked nation, hungry to regain its former glory. Border skirmishes with surrounding nations are commonplace, but something greater is afoot.
Diyonus is the wealthiest nation in Galdora, though not the military power it once was. It is the cultural and artistic center of Gameryah, though, as magic dwindles in the lands, many of Diyonus’s greatest works of architecture are crumbling.
Lothan is a nation divided by civil war. The two clans are the hill-dwelling Monaghan and the swamp-dwelling Malgog. A king technically rules over Lothan, but his power holds little sway much beyond the capital.
Centuries ago, Galdora was formed by the victorious nations of the War of the Seventh Moon in order to separate historic enemies Kyrin and Lothan. A largely agricultural nation, Galdora lives under constant threat from Kyrin.
The Seven Gods of Gameryah
The people of Gameryah recognize seven deities. They are:
Kordlak- the god of stone
Arscla- the god of fire
Rantor- the sun god
Lunmar- the moon goddess
Vesala- the wind goddess
Dagdar- the earth god
Boana- the water goddess