Destiny- Myrmidon Files Book 1

1 Jan
Book 1 of the Myrmidon Files

Book 1 of the Myrmidon Files


On the Texas border, a brutal massacre threatens to ignite a firestorm of violence that will destabilize an already fragile Mexican government and trigger an international crisis that knows no boundaries. The only clue, a cryptic message: The time for Destiny has arrived! Tam Broderick, leader of an elite CIA task force, code-name: Myrmidon, knows that the Dominion—a quasi-religious extremist group—is behind the attacks; now it’s up to her and her team to find out what the Dominion’s true goals are, and stop them dead in their tracks.

From the authors of the bestselling Dane Maddock Adventures and Dane and Bones Origins comes a new series set in the Maddock Universe. Join CIA agent Tamara “Tam” Broderick and her team as they continue their struggle to foil the power of the Dominion. Action, adventure, and thrills abound in The Myrmidon Files!

Praise for DESTINY!

“An action-packed, globe-spanning treasure hunt of an adventure by David Wood and Sean Ellis. Destiny hits all the right beats—full of historical mysteries and intriguing what-ifs—to keep the pages turning fast, with a satisfying and thrilling payout that you won’t soon forget.” David Sakmyster, author of The Pharos Objective and Jurassic Dead

“Smart, suspenseful and action-packed, Destiny is an unforgettable ride! A perfect mesh of two incredible authors, Wood and Ellis hijack you on an absolutely thrilling adventure! An excellent read.” Ashley Knight – author of Five

“With an adrenaline-fueled search for an ancient relic with mystical powers and the introduction of a new powerhouse team, the Myrmidons, to set matters right, get ready for a new pulse-pounding adventure series brimming with action and intrigue!” Rick Jones, bestselling author of the Vatican Knights series