Interview with The Writer’s Bone

22 Sep

Recently, the website The Writer’s Bone invited me to discuss my work and my thoughts on writing adventure. Here’s an excerpt plus a link to the full interview.penbookheader


Action, adventure, and good times. Those are all things you’ll find whenever you crack open an adventure novel by David Wood. You will most likely find yourself reading a Dane Maddock tale since he’s Wood’s main hero in an ongoing series.

Wood took a few minutes away from writing to sit down and chat about his work, where his love the adventure story stems from, and what writers need to do to stay ahead of their worst enemy: them-selves.

Sean Tuohy: When did you know you wanted to be a writer?

David Wood: I started reading at an early age and working as an author was a dream of mine since childhood, but I thought of it as an unrealistic fantasy, like being a rock star or professional athlete. Looking back, I wish I had pursued my dream much earlier in life instead of waiting until my 30s.

ST: What books captured you as a young reader?

DW: Early on, childrens’ mystery series like The Hardy Boys and Nancy Drew, but it was the classic adventure stories like The Lost World and the Doc Savage books that truly captivated me and fueled my imagination.

ST: Who were your early influences?


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