Report from Con Carolinas

31 May

I had a good time this weekend at Con Carolinas. Since it’s a Sci-Fi/Fantasy/Gaming convention, I was more popular as my alter-ego David Debord, and had the privilege of signing several copies of The Silver Serpent. I did, however, meet a few readers who were interested in the Dane Maddock adventures, and picked up one endorsement, as evidenced by the photo below.

I did get to meet thriller writer A.J. Hartley, who signed a copy of his new novel What Time Devours. He’s a very nice guy, and he’s originally from England, so he has a cool accent. I’ve read one of his previous books, and really enjoyed it, so check him out. Gail Z. Martin, author of the Chronicles of the Necromancer series, stopped by the table and let Jim Bernheimer and I plug our books for her video blog. Overall, it was a great experience. Lots of very friendly and gracious people!

Note to George Lucas- I know this is not the real Indiana Jones, but I firmly believe the real Indian Jones, if he existed, would love the Dane Maddock adventures. Jar Jar would hate them, which is fine with me.

(Thanks to Capt. M Doc Geressy for posing with my books!)

3 thoughts on “Report from Con Carolinas

  1. Loved the Indiana Jones outfit! That whip cracking was pretty impressive 😀

    – the chainmail chick

  2. Yeah, he was great! I appreciated him taking the pic with my books. I had wanted to get a pic of you with my fantasy novel (the main character is a warrior girl), but people kept pulling you aside whenever you passed near our table. Maybe next year. Thanks for the note!

  3. Awwww, too bad, I would loved to have gotten a shot! Grab me next year and I'll tell everyone you reserved me way in advance 🙂

    – chainmail chick

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