The Tomb- A Dane Maddock Adventure

3 Feb

February 9 marks the launch of the Dane Maddock Kindle World! Our next preview is The Tomb, co-authored with Rick Chesler, who, along with David, has penned several Dane Maddock Origins books, including Treasure of the Dead and Amber. Rick is also known for such popular titles as Yeti and Jurassic Dead.

The Tomb
A shipwreck off the coast of Italy sends Maddock and Bones on the hunt for a legendary tomb and a long-lost treasure. With dangers all around, a spy in their midst, and an old enemy lurking in the shadows, can they stay alive long enough to unlock the secret of THE TOMB?




Interview with Rick Chelser, co-author of The Tomb

Tell us a bit about The Tomb.
The Tomb is a novella-length adventure of one of Dane and Bones’ exploits during their professional treasure hunting days. In other words, after they got out of the Navy. This time they are searching for the lost riches of Alaric the Visigoth, now priceless treasures the historical military leader absconded with during the fall of Rome. The adventure begins with a scuba dive off the coast of Italy, and from there the duo follows a trail of hard won clues that lead inland, and then underground. Faithful series readers will find that, besides Maddock and Bones themselves, the story features some old friends and colleagues of theirs, as well as some old enemies.

You’re well-known to Dane Maddock readers both for your work in the Origins series and for your own action-adventure series. What keeps you coming back to the Maddock universe?
It’s got to be the perks of the job—the all expenses paid world travel, the untold riches, the–oh wait, hold on, I don’t have any of those. But Dane & Bones do; sometimes, at least. I guess that’s what keeps me coming back—the excitement of living vicariously through these characters who go on fantastic adventures and always seem to come away unscathed, and to share those adventures with an enthusiastic readership.

Talk about the writing process when you and David are working on a book.
Before The Tomb, I co-wrote four books with David in the Origins series (Splashdown, Electra, Amber, and Treasure of the Dead). During that time we experimented book to book with different writing processes in search of what works best, both for ourselves and ultimately, for the readers. Sometimes I would come up with a concept and run with it, while other times David would come to me with a well-prepared outline that I would bring to life. Regardless of the method used, the resulting adventure has always been uniquely Dane and Bones.

If a Maddock reader hasn’t tried your novels, which one would you suggest they start with and why?
Landing Party and Hotel Megalodon. Genre-wise, they’re not action-adventure per se, although they are filled with action and adventure! But they are billed as sci-fi thrillers or “creature-features” since they revolve around the discovery of, and resulting confrontations with, various dangerous and exotic animals, including dinosaurs or megalodon sharks. Also, don’t miss The Yeti, co-authored by myself and Jack Douglas, an adventure-thriller about a man climbing Mount Everest to overcome personal grief who gets more than he bargains for.
On the horizon, hardcore action-adventure fans will want to check out my upcoming book in summer 2017, entitled Uncontacted, about primitive tribes and the secrets they have safeguarded for thousands of years. Finally, in the second half of 2017 I plan to launch a brand new action-adventure series in the vein of Clive Cussler and James Rollins, called The Omega Files.
In the meantime, I hope The Tomb keeps you entertained!

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